Imagine a world… where your workplace is a playground

Imagine a world… where your workplace is a playground SERIES describes how if feels to live and work play in the world of WæP (Workplace As a Playground). Each episode is a day or a small slice of a day in the office playground. The episodes do not represent the events in chronological order:


Episode 1: Arriving at the Office

Episode 2: Back from Vacation

Episode 3: The Very Beginning of My Story

Episode 4: The Story of the Traveler

Episode 5: The Story of the Russian Coach

Episode 6: The First Challenge

Episode 7: The Partners

Special Episode

Episode 8: The Story of the Accountant a.k.a. Money Manager

Episode 9: The Story of the Mood Improver



Episode 1: The First (False) Start

Episode 2: The First False Start: Restart

Episode 3: WæP for Beginners

Episode 4: Brainy