S01E01 Arriving at the Office

future_SmallI’m in a hurry. Actually everyone is; the traffic jam is monstrous. I cast a glance at my phone; it’s Saturday, 6.30 a.m. I have a clue what this early morning rush is about. Everybody is going to work, the same as me.

Traffic jams usually make me nervous. But it’s different this time. I’m thinking about the new project. Karen and I started to prepare it last week. I am very curious where it will land. We actually can’t know this because our team is learning on the go and our project is fluid and changing all the time.

But back to earth! I am so excited and impatient to get to the office. Just as everybody around me. I remember those times when we HAD to work. All people were so bored and sullen. Now they smile absent-mindedly all the time; probably thinking about their projects.

Thirty-three minutes later I storm in the office. My colleagues are already here! I change my clothes and go to my kung fu lesson. It’s the only unchangeable rule here. We should do sports every day. My training with John is very intensive and my body is vibrating with energy, ready to work. Oops! Old habits die hard! I should’ve said ready to play.

Karen is already swaying in the hammock and typing like crazy. The project we are working on is a web system where people can book their turns for the choirs in our company. Karen told me that there are activities in the office that are done by one and the same people –cleaning, preparing food, washing the dishes, and so on. Since our motto is “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it”, we want to redistribute the workload playload among other team members. According to Karen, sometimes people relax by doing choirs. I’m impatient to find out if she is right and how she is going to lean test it. We have a colleague co-player, who adores cooking and told us to count him in. Another one is a “clean master” and volunteered for the cleaning.

At our workplace playground, we are not given tasks. We receive a list of challenges. We don’t multi-task but multi-challenge. Our work is an endless game. When we complete our objective, we either move on to the next level or create a new one. It’s up to us to find the way up. I am chuckling here because some team members are not here and when they see that we worked played without them they will be: Come ooooon, you said you wouldn’t come on Saturday.

Maybe here is the time to explain how we work in our company. We have a boss (he is called a coach actually) who is setting the rules of the game – pretty vaguely since most of the time he just says: Guys, we want to achieve this, do you want to try; or Guys, we need this and this, how shall we receive it? And then we have a Playmanager. P.managers are elected by the team for the current project. I was the P.manager for our last project, but I didn’t want to be for this one; Karen took the lead.

We have teams, but they are formed by their members themselves. Some of them are more “stable”, which means that their members love working together and don’t want to change teams. Some teams are formed just for a project.

Sometimes I am asked what my position is. It’s a tough question! I am an engineer and I make fun furniture for offices. I spent some time in our IT department. And then in the R&D department. After that I got interested in Karen’s project. We have to present it to our co-players, P.managers and our coach. This will be my challenge. I am so close to completely overcoming my fear of public speaking.

You know what the most used phrase at our company is: Everybody’s got a talent, you just have to discover it.

It’s getting late (almost 9 a.m.). Sorry guys, but I have to go back to my game. Bye for now.

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