Play is the new way!
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Do you love your job, like for realz, in your heart? Are you abundant and greatly satisfied with what you do? Don’t worry if you are not. 93.5 % of people nowadays hate their jobs and feel disengaged with what their company does. If you don’t believe it, hit the image below to look at the statistics and find our solution for a happy workplace.


State of the Global Workplace, Gallup: Nearly 90% of workers worldwide are NOT engaged at work.

Millennial Survey, Deloitte: Most millennials work for a company only because they need a job and intend, express little or no loyalty to the company and plan near-term exists.

Talent Report, Net Impact: 50% of millennials would take a pay cut for work that matches their own values.

Primed to Perform, Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor: Key motivating factors are play, purpose and potential whereas economic pressure (read money), emotional pressure and inertia have just the opposite effect on people’s performance.

So what we do to motivate people to work and be productive?

children play.png

The answer is NOTHING. Just give them a playground and let them create.

In Workplace As a Playground (WæP), we are going to reverse the business processes. Companies and products shall serve people. It is a new way of working and perceiving work. WæP is people-focused. We offer lots of playing, constant learning, acquiring of new skills, development of own ideas, projects and talents, independence, customer care. This is a place where everyone can create, test and develop their projects. Projects here are win-win-win – great for the team, helpful for customers, beneficial to humanity and Gaia (Earth).

mission-possible       Sounds great, yes? But how is it possible?

1. We throw old-school offices out of the window. No desks, no chairs, no boring office furniture. Your working environment is now a playground. It has FuNiture (fun furniture) like hammocks, cozy sofas, roller gliders, jet packs, trampolines, etc.

2. Everyone hates working, which is quite normal since working is unnatural. Instead, here in WæP people play, create, have fun and follow their passions. It doesn’t mean that the place is ruled by anarchy. We simply believe that when people are put in the right environment, cared for and given freedom to create, they will do wonders. WæP’s motto is: “Everyone’s got a talent; you just have to discover it.”

3. The work play process doesn’t have a hierarchical structure. Workflow, workplaces and teams are fluid. They are defined by choice. There are no fixed workplaces and working hours. People may work in the playground and move where they feel comfortable. They may work at home, in the swimming pool, in the woods, etc.

4. ALL decisions about company’s values, goals, projects, partnerships, scaling, pivots, etc. are made by the whole team.


There are no managers or any other executives. For each project, teams are naturally formed and a leader is elected through voting. People do not have any definite positions (such as marketing, sales, programmer, HR manager, etc.). They are free to pick up their work and projects. They are also encouraged to constantly learn and acquire new skills and work on new projects.

There are some roles which may be played by different people who have the respective knowledge, skills and experience, but only if they choose so and love it.


Does WæP have a structure and what it is?

Here is our version, feel free to add, change or improve it.

A coach, formerly known as CEO, is a person who mentors the team. (S)he takes care of everybody and plays as a mediator and facilitator whenever a crisis or an argument arises.

A co-player, aka Employee, is anybody who is involved in a WæP project.

Entrepreneurs are people who propose and launch projects. They lean test and advertise them to their co-players aka co-workers. They form their own teams by either winning over their co-players or recruiting new people.

Each team elects a P.manager (Play Manager), aka Team Leader. (S)he collects, systematizes and analyzes the whole information. (S)he is also a mentor and a mediator in a project.

Mentors are people who either have spent more time in the organization or have more experience than others. Their role is to help newcomers adapt.

A Money Manager, aka CFO, is a person who monitors money flows and distributes/allocates financial resources.slanchogled

A Humanizer is someone who gives a human touch to technologies. (S)he understands
technologies as well as the non-tech world. His/her mission is to help tech guys understand their customers.

A Technizer is a person with advanced technical skills who understands non-tech people as well. The technizer helps people who do not understand technologies see the benefits of technologies and automate routine (work) processes.

A Mood Improver, aka HR manager, is a person who monitors the levels of joy and happiness in the office and helps people overcome problems. (S)he also discovers team’s hidden talents and notifies the coach or the health manager if team members have health problems, work overtime or have not taken a vacation for a long time.

A Health manager is a person who takes care of employees’ health. On the basis of their eating habits, he may suggest healthier diets. He also proposes sports and fitness programs according to their interests.

A Facilitator, aka Investor, is a partner who makes financial investments in WæP. (S)he fully understands our ideas and concepts and contributes to their implementation. (S)he may also share his experience with the team and become a mentor if she enjoys it.

Note: The above team members may take part in any project they choose. The above roles may be played by one or more people. One person may play one or more roles.

Don’t forget in WæP you and only you choose what, how and when to do.