S01E02 Back from Vacation

earth_smallEpisode 1

I am back! My vacation is finally over. Don’t get me wrong these were two amazing weeks – a clear ocean, deserted beaches, wild adventures… but, boy, I did miss my office playground and colleagues co-players. My boss coach had sent me on that cruise because he thought I looked tired. He had asked me to take a month off, but after lengthy negotiations, we had shaken our hands on two weeks.

When I was on vacation, my thoughts constantly flied back to the playground. I was homesick. What a revolutionary idea was shimmering there? What new projects did my co-players create? Were they having great fun as usual?

Well, now I am here and impatient to find out. As I enter the playground, the first thing I see is the new funiture (that’s our term for fun office furniture). It looks like a bungee trampoline. You tie yourself with two elastic ropes, bounce up and pick up things from the filing cabinet rising up to the ceiling. By the way, you may also dive in the air and loop the loop.

No sooner I have broken into a sprint than the voice of one of our P.managers stops me: “Don’t you remember? When you come back from vacation, you should not rush to play immediately because things have changed and you will need some time to get used to the new environment”.

So I decide to take a look around first. Our main playground is situated in a huge domelike structure, 15 miles away from the city. From above, it looks like sun rays; they mark where our playrooms are. Some of our co-players live in the houses built by the company around the main building. I live in the city and prefer to come here by our company’s bus. It’s much more fun than to travel alone in my car. On the bus we have breakfast and coffee, and a mood improver. He tells us jokes and everybody laughs. Some co-players are engrossed in their games; others sing songs.

This time I use a jet pack, instead of the climbing wall, to land on the next level of our playground. On my way down I will either slide or skate down. No, I’d better use the roller glider. It winds inside the whole structure and gives you a bird’s eye view of all levels.

I hear music from the dance hall – Let’s Twist Again. Six of my co-players are taking dancing lessons. If you want to learn to dance, there is the place, just name the style.

I’ve just entered my favorite room. It is shaped like an aircraft. The cockpit is both a workstation playstation and a simulator. The body is a rest area. There are several screens where you can watch a movie, make a video call, play and so on. Of course, there are one or two traditional desks, but nobody uses them any more.

Karen is waving at me from one of the back seats. She phoned me several times while I was in Thailand and told me that our co-players got excited about our project. They formed teams and appointed P.managers. Cleaning and cooking activities were booked for months on end.

While I was on the beach, drinking my cocktail and watching the ocean, I had an idea about a new piece of funiture.

I am in a hurry again. I have to discuss my idea with my co-players. See you next time!

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