S01E05 The Story of the Russian Coach


Yesterday I heard that Rina, the coach of our Russian team, would come here. I was so happy to see her. She is an amazing person. She is always smiling and compassionate. If you talk to her for even five minutes, you will have the feeling that you’ve known her all your life. We also call her an “idea generator” because she usually drives her team with 60 ideas per hour. It’s always fun to be around her.

By the way, I love the Russian team. They are so full of life. Boy, if you know what off- and online parties we had together with showers of vodka and an avalanche of laughter…

Today I saw Rina watering the tomato garden. I ran out to say hello. When I approached her I was surprised by her look. She was smiling, but the sparkles in her eyes were gone and some sorrow veiled her face. She is a very approachable person and I can talk to her about anything. That’s why I directly asked her what was wrong.

“In the morning, I went to see a friend of mine. He has a company with 200 employees. When I went to his office, he had a meeting. I was waiting in the adjacent room and overheard the whole conversation inside because the walls were very thin. He and two of his managers were yelling at an employee; I think the poor guy was from the Sales Department. Being an empath, I felt he was really stressed. If they had only tried to talk to him like to a human being and find the true reason for his poor performance instead of using verbal abuse, they would have solved the problem easily and painlessly.”

I told her that I also remembered those days when I was an ordinary employee for a big company. One of my managers was a nasty guy who never even cracked a smile. He always yelled at other employees. Sometimes even for no apparent reason.

“Where are your colleagues now?” she asked. “Do they still work there?”

“Yes, they think that they have no choice and are afraid to leave their job. As our coach often tells us: you know everybody is welcome here, but people should make a drastic life-changing decision first.”

“Yeah, I know this too,” replied Rina. “Everyone is responsible for their own decisions and they can always make other choices. As an empath, I feel their emotions and sometimes “catch” them. I often think this is my strongest side; but if I get too caught up, it could become my weakest.

My friend is an intelligent man. He knows how we work play and how successful we are. But he still doesn’t believe it’s possible. He thinks that our success is not a result of our philosophy but a total fluke and respectively he continues doing things the old way. Sometimes I want to have a magic wand and make the world a happier and more fun place overnight”

“Rina, I know you are disheartened right now. Just look at the bright sight. You see how our ideas spread like a wild fire now. Remember what the situation was two years ago? We were the path pavers – do you recall how some people even called us lunatics? Now at least ten companies contact us every day and ask to help them transform their workplaces. We have a Transformation Department with over 1,000 people working there. We are building a second factory for fu(r)niture in Russia; we have orders for fu(r)niture for years on end and we export it to different parts of the world. Without you and the other coach this would have never happened.”

“You are right. I am just impatient and want to move forward with a lightening speed,” Rina’s smile broadened and her face animated.

“Come on, Rina. Let’s go inside the playground and I will tell you about my new project over a glass of wine. It’s amazing and is going to change the way people …”

See you later, guys. As you know, I am always in a hurry. I have to go to the construction site of our new lab.

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