Six Practical Tips For Landing Your Dream Job: For Realz!

Happy suitcase_SquareContrary to popular beliefs that you have to build your career at an early age, we know (based on experience) that it is never too late to steer the ship of your career into a completely different direction.

You may even not know what your dream job would be, regardless of your age. Don’t worry this is not a bad thing at all and you are totally not alone – people just hate to admit this, fearing criticism and pressure from the society. That is why, your first step should be to find for yourself what your passion or passions are: it’s another cliché that you must have only one passion. Consider the thing(s) your thoughts are mostly occupied with or make your heart jump with joy.

  1. Discover your passion(s).

PassionForget what you have studied and what jobs you’ve had so far. Take a pen, open your laptop or just take mental notes, but be completely HONEST with yourself, and answer the following questions: What did you dream of doing when you were a kid/adolescent? Why did you want to do exactly this? How your dream has changed over time? What is/are your hobby/hobbies? What is/are your talent(s)? What were your previous hobbies? What do you think you are best at (based exactly on your feeling – not what others tell you?).

For example, if you flourish when you are surrounded by people, you may find your place in sales or HR. If you prefer to communicate with your computer and crowds drive you crazy, you may try an administrative or an IT job or just work from home. If you write for pleasure, you are the right person for creative writing.

While doing this, forget your education and experience. The world has drastically changed. New businesses and job opportunities pop up every day. Nowadays, education is less important than your skills, abilities and past experience. Just look at the new job titles: organizational excellence lead, community manager, strategic corporate manager, or even chief brand listener, digital nomad, etc. And the requirements for education in job ads more and more often are just Bachelor’s Degree (not specified).


2. At this early stage don’t share your thoughts/plans with anybody.

Old School Road_NewIf there is somebody in the whole world who may kill your ideas at birth, this person will be (sadly) a part of your closest circle. Yes, we know you want to share your ideas and excitement with your family, friends or loved ones, but wait for the seed to sprout. Yes, we know you need a reality check, but at the early stages this could be a “potential reality” killer.

Skepticism and negativism are your worst enemies! Remember the story about the tiny frogs climbing up a tower. Only one frog made his way up to the top because he was deaf and did not listen to the spectators’ comments: It is too difficult! It’s impossible! The tower is too high! You will never make it!

Just take actions to turn your passion or hobby into a full-time job (how-tos and more on this topic in one of our next blog posts)


  1. Read articles, attend courses and seminars.

Information_ReadThus, you will get acquainted with the professional jargon, new trends and new opportunities. You will get to know new people and open yourself to new possibilities. You may even meet your dream employer! If you feel you don’t need to do this – just skip this step. But have in mind that in the today’s fast moving world it’s good to be well informed about new trends, technological discoveries and other advancements.


  1. Rewrite your CV.

Rewrite CVStart with your skills, abilities, talents and experience. Carefully describe your skills and experience showing your best sides and skip positions and things you have done that doesn’t seem relevant to your future dream job.

For tips and how-tos on CV writing, you may read our other article: A very practical guide to: How to Write a Monstrous CV: For Realz! There we elaborate with examples on best ways to address your skills, talents and/or experience in a resume to a potential employer.


  1. Advertise yourself.

AdvertiseNow is the time to share your plans. First, tell your relatives, friends and even former colleagues. Ask them for help, not opinion. Remember the frog story! You need their feedback on your resume. Nothing more! Forget the criticism, unless it is constructive – by reading this article you already know more than most people! J

Second, use social and professional networks. The more people notice you, the better your chances are to be successful. Create a strong profile and connect to people with whom you share similar interests. If you get noticed – half of your job is done.

Very Important: Do not be shy and do not underestimate yourself! If you do not attract enough attention this way, then make the last step.


  1. Start looking for new opportunities

OpportunitiesSearch jobs directories by key words, look for startups, see what interesting positions others have in their resumes, filter all the information through the prism of what YOU want and aim at.

Don’t miss any opportunity, however slightest it seems to you! Have in mind that sometimes it may take longer than you expected. The most important thing is to finally land your dream job. And don’t you dare give up!



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