Empathy Management Tool

Everyone knows nowadays that empathic leaders are much more successful and their teams achieve better results. Empathy, though, is something you have or you don’t have. It could be developed over time, of course, but it is time consuming and requires consistent efforts, especially if a large number of people are managed. But we need empathic managers now, so this is not an option. What if empathy could be emulated and automated?

We present you the Empathic Management Tool!

This will be a mobile application for busy managers. It will help them store information about their employees – both personal and professional. Whenever the manager interacts with an employee, he/she can retrieve all the information about this employee he/she needs and enter new data.

The tool shall also schedule and send reminders about employees’ important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), unsolved problems and future tasks. The number of interactions with employees shall be also monitored and the manager shall be notified if he/she hasn’t been engaged with a particular employee for a long period of time.

Business Model: It can be sold to middle and high level managers and/or large companies.